About Floor Trims

Often the last consideration, flooring profiles (sometimes referred to as door bars, floor trims, coverplates, doorplates or flooring accessories) can make or break the look and integrity of a flooring installation. Without properly planning the floor profiles and accessories, the late addition can spoil the aesthetics of often expensive floors.

However, if given due consideration, flooring profiles and accessories should seamlessly dissolve into the floor, providing neat transitions from room to room and around the perimeter of the floor. If fitted correctly, they should also help prevent warping and bowing of wood, engineered and laminate flooring and movement in soft flooring.

Why, When, Where & What?

Why?  Simply because it is impossible to do without them! All quality floor fitters use quality accessories.

When?  Whenever a floor is fitted. Regardless of type.

Where?  Doorways, room perimeter, skirtings, mat wells, fireplaces. Everywhere! What? It all depends on your individual situation. Height difference, floor finish, application, material, measurements and traffic volume all play a part in deciding which profile suits. Our team of experts are only a phone call away if guidance is needed.


Fixing methods vary depending upon which profile range it is that’s being used. Generally with profiles complete with a PVC base channel, the best way of fixing is by screwing the base directly to the substrate floor. However, on occassions where underfloor heating is present, gluing with a high grab adhesive is often sufficient. Skirtings and architrave often require screwing and gluing whilst most single piece profiles (those without a base section) can be glue fixed.

Each profile range has a short fixing guide on the bottom of it’s respective page.

Colours, Finishes & Wood Types

A comprehensive range of colours, finishes and wood types in hardwood, Aluminium, MDF and veneer ensure that virtually all floor finishes can be matched. Prefinished and unfinished hardwoods in 12 different species are held in stock at our site in Market Rasen. A further 50 plus stained finishes (generally applied to Oak and Sapele) are also available to order for despatch within 48 hours. Satin, Matt and Gloss lacquers are all available to tailor your required finish, as too are various oils and waxes. Aluminium sections can be supplied in their raw state (Mill) or in a variety of architectural grade anodised finishes including; Sim Brass, Etch Brass, Etch Silver and Bronze. MDF profiles are available in 34 stock colours with another 400 foil finishes possible on request (subject to volume). Our colours and finishes are continually evolving so please contact the sales office to remain up to date or for samples.

Specifying Parallel Products

In order to guarantee you receive genuine Parallel products and not an inferior copy, our accessories should always be specified by product group (Woodline, Lite, Harmonie etc), base height/size (where applicable), finish/colour and length. The sales team will happily provide assistance with specifying the correct profiles and supplying the required code for ordering.

If you are unsure where to purchase our trims & accessories, please give us a call on +44 (0)1673 844424 or email us at [email protected] and we’ll be more than happy to you find a supplier in your local area.