Milled and anodised Aluminium profiles. Give your floor the finish it deserves.


Milled from the highest grade Aluminium, anodised with the hardest wearing finish and combined with strong yet flexible uPVC base sections.


    Aluminium is an element in the Boron group of the periodic table with the atomic number of 13. Only Oxygen and Silicone are more abundant in the Earth’s crust than Aluminium with the soft ductile metal accounting for approximately 8% by weight of the solid surface. Due to its spare spaces in its electron ring, Aluminium is extremely reactive. This means that it is rarely found in its unbound natural state. Instead Al is nearly always found bound to minerals, most commonly occurring in Bauxite (a rock often containing Aluminium, Iron and Titanium individually bound to Hydrogen and Oxygen molecules). Aluminium is unique for its anti-corrosive properties.


    Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC is the third most widely produced ‘plastic’ compound in the world behind Polyethylene and Polypropylene. PVC is now generally used as a construction material over more traditional materials like copper and timber for piping and profile manufacture because its is often more stable, cost effective and easier to work with.

    The addition of plasticisers in the manufacturing process can increase the flexibility and ‘softness’ of the material to further enhance the range of applications PVC can be used for. These factors make PVC the ideal compound for the manufacture of our base profile which receives the various different top sections.


Whether it be a house, property development, pub, club, restaurant, museum shopping centre or office block, Parallel have the profiles up to the task. Whatever it may be.


    Parallel flooring accessories are an ideal companion for whichever type of floor is being fitted, wherever it may be. Able to withstand varying degrees of foot traffic, there is a profile range suited to all situations. A dedicated contracts team are able to offer advice, pricing and specifications on a job by job basis. If something completely out of the ordinary is required, our bespoke machining service is available to turn items around in days rather than weeks and months. We’re equally adept at turning our hands to produce beautifully articulate mouldings for period restorations as we are milling the smooth clean lines required for ultra modern interiors. All this whilst complying with the most up to date building regulations and requirements.


    Parallel profiles are flexible in all manner of ways, especially in their application. The majority of the accessories that we manufacture are suitable for residential properties. In particular the wooden products sit extremely well in homes due to their natural look and feel. Designed to fit seamlessly into the aesthetics of your room, Parallel profiles enhance the finish of any floor.

    Whether incorporated by the architect into plans or found by the individual, Parallel profiles can be supplied and fitted with the floor or retro-fitted as replacements.


Leading the way with an uncompromising attitude to product design and customer service, what is run of the mill to us is impossible to others.