Sports Floor Profiles & Accessories

Solutions for sports halls, drama studios, changing rooms, hallways or storage cupboards in Hardwood, Aluminium or uPVC. We’ve got you (and your gaps) covered.


Machined from the highest grade timber and milled from the toughest Aluminium, the Sports Floor range of profiles are designed to last.


    Hardwood timber is generally more complex in structure than softwood and often, as the name would suggest, ‘harder’. Hardwoods are especially useful in applications for flooring due to their hard wearing characteristics, strength and aesthetic beauty. All Parallel hardwood profiles are manufactured to exacting standards using the finest timber available.

    Using imported timber from only the most reliable and sustainable sources in North America, Europe and Africa, we can guarantee a constant and environmentally friendly product that is the envy of our competitors.


    Aluminium is an element in the Boron group of the periodic table with the atomic number of 13. Only Oxygen and Silicone are more abundant in the Earth’s crust than Aluminium with the soft ductile metal accounting for approximately 8% by weight of the solid surface. Due to its spare spaces in its electron ring, Aluminium is extremely reactive. This means that it is rarely found in its unbound natural state. Instead Al is nearly always found bound to minerals, most commonly occurring in Bauxite (a rock often containing Aluminium, Iron and Titanium individually bound to Hydrogen and Oxygen molecules). Aluminium is unique for its anti-corrosive properties.

Leisure Contracts

Specifically designed for the leisure contract market, the sports floor range provides solutions for all manner of areas and requirements.


    As the only profile manufacturer to have a specific set of profiles for the leisure contract industry, Parallel is once again leading the way. With a very individual set of needs, the sports flooring market is one which lends it self to tie in with the skills we posses. Innovative product design, fast turnaround and bespoke profile work allow us to deliver customer requirements on time, all of the time. Designed to work with all of the leading flooring manufacturers’ surfaces, the Parallel range covers all bases.


Leading the way with an uncompromising attitude to product design and customer service, what is run of the mill to us is impossible to others.