Frontier Pipe covers

Solid hardwood, laser cut two piece jigsaw joined radiator pipe covers/collars.


Machined from the highest grade timber, Frontier Pipe Covers are a manufacturing marvel. Laser cut to provide a virtually invisible join.

Solid Hardwood Various Hardwoods & Stains 50mm x 12mm With a 17mm Hole Boxes of
5, 25 & 50 Pairs
Any Any Light

Uses & Application

Laser cut precision, everytime. Perfect for disguising unsighlty areas around pipes quickly and elegantly. Ultra low profile and rounded edges to avoid catching the eye.

Pipe Cover in situ Profiles ~ Examples of Usage In situ

Floor Preperation

For a flawless finish, preparation is the key. Luckily with Parallel profiles, preparation is kept to the bare minimum. Simply ensure that the substrate floor is clean and relatively level.

Not quite what you need?

Haven’t found quite what you are looking for? No problem, just give us a call. Parallel are able to machine bespoke profiles to whatever specification you require.


Parallel’s unique fixing system makes installation a breeze. Simply fix the base section to the substrate floor with either an adhesive or screws and then tap the top profile into place with a rubber mallet. The profile will self level in the height adjustable base system giving the perfect finish.

Complementary Extras

In addition to profiles to cover gaps between different flooring types or through doorways, Parallel also manufactures skirting, architrave, scotia, quadrant, stairnosing, pipe covers/collars and more from the same high quality hardwoods. This enables continuity throughout the room or building.


Leading the way with an uncompromising attitude to product design and customer service, what is run of the mill to us is impossible to others.


Minimal preparation, beautiful finish. Fix & forget, walk away without worry of having to return to replace or repair Parallel products.

Prepare Prepare
Fix Fix
Forget Forget